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Guangdong de Lian Group is a large group company specializing in automobile series chemical supplies. The company is committed to the introduction of foreign advanced chemical production technology and products, to promote the development of domestic automotive chemical industry as its responsibility, and strive to create a first-class domestic environmental protection chemical enterprises.

【Project introduction】

Hand in hand with the German Union, to green environmental protection, staff office health as the basis for the German Union to build an efficient and modern office environment.

【main products】


Supervisory desk, powerful line function, fashion simple appearance, without losing the graceful curve, give a sense of leadership level, smart and capable, but also fashion affinity.

The president's platform is light and luxurious and steady.

The conference area is equipped with various style conference tables according to different meeting requirements. Whether it is discussion, meeting, training or group research, this is a changing space.

The 5.2m diameter conference table helps China's automotive industry chain development trend forum, round conference table, help people to focus, avoid the distance caused by inattention. The color of the conference table is dark, which gives people a sense of seriousness and a better atmosphere of solemn meeting.

Large training space, training table

Leisure gym, equipped with negotiation table and waiting seat. Waiting tables and chairs are made of imported natural rubber, conforming to ergonomic design, super anti-scratch anti-aging, comfortable, durable discoloration.

Office furniture image customization division Megli Sheng, for the German Alliance group design comprehensive office space program. All-round consideration of the regional functions, reasonable allocation of office furniture for the German Union to build a healthy environment for the office.