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The company is headquartered in Kunming, Yunnan Province, mainly engaged in commercial retail and real estate industry, hotel tourism services, property management business, brokerage business, new housing business, capital management business and real estate intermediary services.

【Project introduction】

Work hand in hand with Kunbai University, focusing on space functions, office space atmosphere and office comfort, highlighting the characteristics of Kunbai University, Kunbai University recommended the most in line with the company's needs, healthy office space configuration program.

【main products】

baoku series、XTseries

Treasury Series Front Desk, the most sincere greetings for business visitors, silver-gray metal paint and white marble combination of classic black and white color, gold teak panel becomes the most dense color, shiny metal strip will be divided into parallel geometric square according to the golden section line, each section size is in accordance with Luban Rule Ji Xiang size design symbolizes good luck.

Arranged in an orderly multi-person work space, using XT series desks, simple fashion, complete configuration, powerful "hidden" line system can keep the workstation unified and tidy.

Workplace with white as the main color, more neat, steel hollow frame as a dividing line, both can play a role in dividing, but not completely separated, better communication between staff, very suitable for the work of the business department coordination needs.

There is a hue in each district, which shows the identity of the supervisor. Efficient work and strategizing in this fully equipped, powerful office space.???????

The president's room is predominantly white, and the red and black leather sofa is slightly embellished in this white sketch. The office space highlights the president's fashionable office taste.

For department stores, training and learning are important ways to enhance innovation. The training space is concise and layout is neat, and it is an important place for staff to learn and share. The elegant form and structural strength of the conference table, together with advanced multimedia systems and large projectors, create a vibrant modern conference training space for Kunbai University.???????

Office furniture image customization division Mega Lisheng, to create the most suitable office space for enterprises.