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Reduce formaldehyde, health and environmental protection Plate is the main component of furniture products, its quality directly determines the quality of products and the price of products. Wood-based panels are molded products made from wood or other non-wood plants by using binders or additives, which inevitably release a certain amount of formaldehyde. Once people stay in the formaldehyde concentration of more than 0.08/m3 for a long time in the environment can cause red eyes, itching, sore throat or pain, hoarseness, sneezing, chest tightness, asthma, dermatitis and so on. Long-term, low concentration exposure to formaldehyde can cause headache, dizziness, fatigue, sensory impairment, decreased immunity, and can appear drowsiness, memory loss or neurasthenia, mental depression; chronic poisoning on the respiratory system is enormous harm, long-term exposure to formaldehyde can lead to respiratory dysfunction and liver toxic disease, performance It is hepatocyte injury and abnormal radiant energy. Therefore, the environmental protection of plate furniture is particularly important. The role of sheet sealing is to seal the cutting section and prevent formaldehyde release from the plate. Plate is the most commonly used material of furniture. The important index of environmental protection of panel furniture is the amount of formaldehyde emission. Now the domestic furniture environmental protection standards are divided into two levels: E2 and E1. The amount of formaldehyde emission is E2 < 5.0mg/L, E1 < 1.5mg/L, E0 < 0.5mg/L. For the sheet metal, the strict sealing edge of the sheet metal and the environmental protection by glue all affect the formaldehyde emission. Safety, health and environmental protection are the key to the sustainable development of MEG. With its rigorous management system, Megleson has passed the certification of China Environmental Certification Center (Ten Rings Certification), ISO Quality Management Planning System, and has been strictly enforcing the standard. Choose the board, not easy to penetrate the bottom, decorative color independently development and design, the cross-section of the board is log color, fresh log odor, formaldehyde emissions tend to zero. Meglison office furniture, in the production process using the most advanced edge sealing technology, laser edge sealing and hot melt adhesive edge sealing, equipped with German Heroic laser seamless edge sealing equipment. The edge is beautiful, flawless, and strictly abide by the first line of formaldehyde protection. Health office eliminates occupational diseases While the pace of modern life is speeding up, the proportion of work in people's lives is increasing. More than eight hours of work often make people feel physically and mentally exhausted. Cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, mouse hand... When people are no longer familiar with these occupational diseases, when the end of a day's work a painful feeling of pain, years of work in the hands of people finally began to explore how to make the working environment and facilities more comfortable. How to get more comfortable and intelligent office experience in the full time of work is the market demand of consumers, and is also the problem that the office furniture industry needs to solve and the future direction of development. Traditional office furniture is often too standardized, relatively single function, lack of humanized, intelligent design elements, for the health of office workers is even less concerned. The industry is in urgent need of an industrial revolution in office furniture that focuses on comfort and intelligence, so as to enhance office space utilization, improve staff efficiency, improve people's health in long-term work, so that the working hours of office workers are better. From the height adjustment of desks and chairs to the wide application of massage chairs, office facilities are changing towards comfort. Taking office chair as an example, it not only has aesthetic senses, but also pays more attention to ergonomics. It can reduce the wear of bones and muscles under working conditions, so that people under pressure can reduce fatigue and improve work comfort. Meg's HT, XT, ET and other products focus on solving office occupational diseases. Desktop height adjustable function, for employees to solve the traditional sedentary office, according to different office methods or office needs for their own adjustment of the most appropriate desktop height. Health office is not a slogan. It is the purpose of MEG. Everything we do is to hope that all the people who work hard in the office, not only have a healthy environment, healthy products, but also have a healthy body and healthy office psychology!