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In the age of science and technology, intelligence comes to us. The furniture industry knows that the traditional furniture must be transformed to intelligence to have a future. The emergence and application of intelligent technology is an indispensable boost to the development of intelligent office furniture. Artificial intelligence, large data, cloud services and communication technology play an important role. Technology and furniture may not be enough to make real smart furniture. It is not only environmentally friendly, beautiful and functional. The research and development and updating of office furniture products are not only limited to the change of common product style, but also need the development and breakthrough of the whole industry in the industrial chain. New technology and key intelligent technology are needed to be applied to the office furniture industry, and continuous cross-border cooperation can achieve product innovation. True smart furniture should be like a small intimate assistant around, providing the convenience that traditional furniture can not meet, fully meet the needs of office life. Real smart furniture can help enterprises optimize office space, save resources, make office life flexible and convenient, easy and efficient. The development of the times requires us to work in a more casual and open environment. Technology can change the office structure. Intelligent furniture with barrier-free information access, sharing and network interconnection technology can break through the rigorous traditional office structure, so that the staff's office activities need not be limited to one place at a time. A fully functional smart office furniture can play multiple roles: work alone, group discussion, multi-person meetings, leisure naps. Enterprises can consequently save material, use less equipment, and arrange more flexible office activities in smaller spaces. Powerful information sharing equipment enables employees to share information in a timely manner, communicate effectively and work more creatively. Real smart furniture, can < strong > fully understand the needs of users, provide thoughtful experience and services. Imagine: on your way to work, the office temperature and humidity equipment automatically starts to adjust to the most comfortable value; when you arrive at the office, the lighting is turned on, the curtains are automatically opened, and the table is covered with drinkable water at the right temperature; and once you leave, the light curtains automatically close, the cabinets and doors are closed. Automatic locking, all indoor electrical appliances automatically enter the state of energy saving. The real smart furniture is to maximize the convenience of office activities and create a new way of life. Intelligent furniture makes people's activities more simple and comfortable. The core of smart home is people-oriented. The real smart furniture should be to "green" new connotation. Advanced materials and processes, zero pollution, functional energy-saving design, etc., are the basic requirements of environmental protection. Returning to nature and returning to natural life have become the needs of contemporary people who are suffering from environmental burden caused by development. The era of advocating individuality and creativity calls for the abandonment of traditional office methods with clear boundaries and serious atmosphere. Flexible, convenient, easy and efficient office life is more in line with the needs of the post-80s, post-90s, and even post-00s as the main force of the workplace. If there's another one that reminds them that they've been waiting too long, they should switch to a standing position and help schedule meetings, Book Lunch tables, or a workstation that meets remote video conferencing, or an office chair that lets them lie down and work... Those emerging professionals will have a sense of value and belonging. They will not consider themselves a working machine. Intelligent office is no doubt the normal workplace in the future. Powerful information sharing system, human body inductive electronic equipment control, decided that only to make office more efficient, flexible way of furniture in the market can be based. Smart furniture will create a new office life in the future. Make office furniture smarter, design more humanized; soon, office furniture will be much more intelligent, leading a new way of office!