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As the pace of work is getting faster and faster, and the pressure of work is getting greater and greater, stress reduction has become the most important topic of the workplace. Employees need to communicate with others. In the office, not only is it good for teamwork, support cooperation, promote relationships, but it also creates an atmosphere, a personality - the brand symbols that come together are greater than any individual can achieve. Working in the office builds a sense of connection and trust among team members, which stimulates team creativity and makes collaboration on projects more productive. Many enterprises in order to alleviate the work pressure of employees, reflecting the humanistic concern for employees, in the office decoration planning will be separated from a separate area as a leisure area, so that employees have a good place in the tired working hours. Google Corporation knows Lenin's motto, "no rest, no work." Activities are beneficial to both body and mind. An efficient office space should provide various choices of space and posture. So, Google has spared no effort to create recreational zones so that employees can have a better rest and thus a better job. Family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> Leisure area is a concentration of teamwork, focus on office work, and thinking about innovation. Research shows that providing inspirational thinking space for employees can deepen the relationship between colleagues and build mutual trust among members, and also help inspire innovative thinking and improve productivity. How painful it is for people to spend so much time at work every day without passion for the content and love of the workplace. Excellent office culture and the freedom to work from home are equally attractive. The leisure area is different from the office area, the office area needs a clean business environment, and the leisure area, on the contrary, needs bright colors, elegant and interesting. The relaxed atmosphere is always pleasing, seeing the leisure area, as if to see the best embodiment of corporate culture. Play is the source of releasing pressure and stimulating creativity. It is Grayson's responsibility as an office furniture customizer to construct the most suitable office environment and achieve the most efficient and high-quality office.