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Time:2018-07-26     Source:
The era of "Internet +" has spawned many new business models, such as sharing Airbnb, Uber, dropping taxi and so on. Nowadays, people are no longer satisfied with the independent and closed office, people want to contact more people and resources, make the office environment more open and free. So, as early as 1999, a new "shared office" model emerged in the United States. In 2006, the world's first "The Hat Factory" shared office appeared. Until now, more companies and people are working in open office space, sharing with each other and sharing resources. Accenture's survey shows that 40% of Asian workplace employees spend time communicating with colleagues and 10% on telephone, indicating the importance of communication space; two sets of data clarify that communication and conversation are an important part of daily work, and the work environment is one of the important factors affecting the performance of employees. In the past, meetings were ceremonies, and there were many people sitting in the conference room. Dense work area is the right way. Now, the enterprise is more flat, less hierarchical, more communication, small team, in an open, cooperative, diverse space to release personality, improve team efficiency. Now the trend of office space proportions and people in a space, whether or not they speak, are bound to communicate. The huge increase of office shared space has customized exclusive space for many specific communication scenarios. Sharing office means that people in different industries share a physical space. The advantage of this approach is that on the one hand, it can reduce office costs and improve the utilization of resources; on the other hand, it can establish a strong network in a short period of time to facilitate the future development of the company. How designers create a ergonomic and dynamic shared office space may become a new trend in the future. Openness is conducive to team communication and collaboration, creating a relaxed working atmosphere, but for employees who need to focus on personal work, visual and auditory interference in an open environment is a headache. In December 2013, a study of the environment published in the authoritative quarterly Journal of Environmental Psychology found that open office space could be in a bad situation because of "uncontrollable noise and loss of privacy".