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Time:2018-07-26     Source:
It is very difficult to provide full office space. " The direct reason for the emergence of full office space is the change in consumer spending habits. The impact of a single product on consumers in terms of terminal is becoming weaker and weaker, such as making only panel furniture, software is not strong, then it is likely to lose a large number of customers. Conversely, we need a lot of products to support its entire office space image, terminal sales also need related supporting products to support the entire sales. Therefore, "the whole office space is a one-stop service, to provide consumers with faster services and products." We believe that the purpose of additional office space is to provide extended services for customers. "In the past, when customers came to buy furniture, they often asked us if we had decoration business and whether we could provide integrated services. To cope with this demand, we have launched the integrated office space business. From modules smallpox, module ground, wall panels and other solid products, to build office space bags.